(P = producent, C = co-producent, T = tekniker, AT = assisterande tekniker, M = mixat, Ma = mastrat)

Lancer – Purple Sky (C,AT,M,Ma)

LASTCHANCELOST – From Where I Stand (P,T,M,Ma)

Billion Dollar Babies – *upcoming EP* (AT)

Less Than 4 – By Blood, By Heart (AT)

Steelwing – Zone of Alienation (AT)

Svedberg & the Hillside Stranglers – Album (AT) + Only Place I Know (single)

Johanna Rosenblad – album (P,T,M,Ma)

Deviled – Incur the Risk EP (T)

Rendezvous Royale – Stand Alone EP (P,T,M,Ma)

Ordinary By Day – Rocketman EP (P,T,M,Ma)

Eternal Dragön – Bad Romance (Epic Power Metal version) (P,T,M,Ma)

Come On Undress Me – I’m Not Waving, I’m Drowning (Ma)

The GoGo´s – EP (P,T,M,Ma)

Hugo´s project – One Wall Women of Sound (singel) (C,T)

Stig Allans Jazzorkester – Jazzcovers (P,T,M,Ma)


Larkin Poe
Henry Bowers (a.k.a Kung Henry)
The National Anthems
Itchy Daze
Sherlock Brothers
Map of Moscow
Follow Him to the End of the Desert
Smoking Jesus
Vietcong Pornsürfers
Empty Bottles
+ many more

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